Benjamin Galea

Game Designer and Developer


Goodbye 2016! It's been great!

Hey All! 2016, What a year It's been!

So, this is my first blog post and I want to try and make this a regular thing writing a weekly blog post throughout the year of 2017. I just want to write about anything that happened in the week and where my thoughts are at. Some might be personal, some might focus on where I'm at in my career or maybe I just want to talk about what games I'm currently playing/enjoying. Anyways here is my first (and last :P) blog post for 2016!

I think from a career stand point this has been one of the most exciting and interesting years I have had. It was the first year after my graduation from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) which felt really good. My graduation last year felt like it officially marked the point where I made the step into my career.

For the beginning half of the year I worked at Intuitive Game Studios and we continued our work on Malice, our first title. We are close to finishing and releasing the project! Malice has been a huge part of my life over the last 3 years! This feels really weird to say, but I have worked on the project from start to finish and been one of the core developers and to see its completion will be the biggest sigh of relief. The development of Malice has been the most difficult and rewarding part of my career, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with the team at Intuitive and we have all pulled through and overcome barriers together!

Mid 2016 I also began work at Riot Games first covering the position of one of the admin staff and then again as admin and IT support for events. I am so grateful for everything Riot has offered me with and proving such an amazing opportunity. Riot games is classified as one of the greatest companies in the world and working there it is not hard to see why. It has been an awesome experience. Being flown to Brisbane and working on the OPL Finals is probably the highlight of my current career. To be part of something on such a large scale, player focused and community driven was truly amazing.

On a personal level 2016 has been a year of self reflection. Through my career I have learned much about myself and where both my strengths and opportunities for improvement lie. I know there are many things that I am good at and need to work on bolstering as well as areas where I am lacking and I try and work week by week on improving these things.

I've also worked on some personal projects; some physical card games and other video game prototypes. Most were failures, which I can learn from, however there is one that I'm super excited for and we will see what the future holds!

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been part of my 2016 and I'm looking forward to what 2017 brings!