Benjamin Galea

Game Designer and Developer


The next chapter in my career.


I'm happy to say that I'm working in game development again! I'm working as a Game Designer and am really looking forward to what the future holds. It has been a while since I've professionally worked in Game Design, just over a year now, and am really looking forward to getting back into game development. Unfortunately I cant give away any details yet :P

Sadly this means I'll be finishing up my contract as player co-coordinator at Riot after split 1 and won't be working there for split 2. Having said that, I've had a great time working at Riot on and off over the last year, from admin support to the 2016 OPL Grand Final and now the OPL in 2017. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the Riot OCE staff for doing such an amazing job and providing me with the opportunities they have.

In other news; My card game has gone through its first wave of testing and the feedback as been mostly positive! We are going to look over it and revise a few things maybe run a few more playtest sessions and hopefully we will be looking into getting a final copy printed in the near future!