Benjamin Galea

Game Designer and Developer


Playtesters wanted :D

Hey All!

Exciting news! In case you are unaware a friend and I are developing a card game and we are at a pretty exciting stage of development. We are finally at the stage were we want to begin getting a bunch of playtesters in and really give the game a good playthrough instead of it just being us playing it over and over (often times, playing 2 characters at once :D)

So, I want to ask whether anyone wants to or is interested in play testing with us! It would be good to get some fresh eyes on the game and who knows, maybe you can play it better than we can (It's not too hard to beat me :P) or introduce some new play styles.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me via any form of social media or via my contact page at:

Oh, just in case you are wondering; Its a really simple competitive/cooperative dungeon crawling game with a focus on combat and player interaction.

Thanks heaps! Looking forward to hearing from you!