Time Stories: Review

Time Stories is a narrative based game where 2-4 players all work together as time traveling agents going back to specific events to maintain order or secure information. The base game takes you on an adventure in a mental asylum whereas some of the expansions take you to Ancient Egypt, Hollywood or an Arctic expedition each one adding new gameplay mechanics, different characters, themes and locations.

I absolutely love this game! Me and my 'Time Stories' group hang out for every new expansion and spend hours on end playing through them. We played the base game for about 5-6 hours one night and then purchased all available expansions the next day because we loved it so much. We then spent roughly 2 or 3 days on each expansion over the next month and have played them all!

Some of the puzzles and riddles can have you thinking and stumped for hours on end. My group spent 3 hours at one stage trying to solve a single riddle in one of the expansions and when we finally cracked it, it was the most satisfying feeling ever. When we gave the game to the other half of our board game group to play It was very interesting to see how different people deal with different parts of the game.

My biggest criticism, as well as something that makes it special, is that it can only be played once. Once you know what is behind each card, the general story and the puzzles replaying the game will simply not be fun at all. This is also in a way part of the appeal to the game. It's a little like a legacy game that doesn't actually destroy the cards or permanently alter the game board/cards.

Overall, If you enjoy solving puzzles, riddles and an interactive narrative then this is the game for you! It can be a little expensive for the amount of gameplay you get but I don't think that should dissuade you from getting it!


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