The start of my card/board game reviews

If you’re anything like me then there is no better way to spend your weekend than getting a bunch of friends over and playing card/board games until the early hours of the morning! Whether we’re working together to explore fantasy worlds, building empires for world domination, defending against zombie hordes or playing the game of politics and intrigue we always spend the day and night laughing and having fun!

Week in and week out we go through the same routine. We all trickle in over the day carrying stacks of games and slam them at the end of the table. We get out some snacks and drinks and start with some of our favourite games such as Coup or Avalon while we wait for others to arrive. This is about when we realise we’ve been playing coup over and over for 2 hours and look over at our stack of board games thinking; “Hmm, maybe we should play something we haven’t played yet” before turning back and deciding; just one more round…

What I want to do it spend some time to talk about some of our favourite card/board games and give you our impressions on them! I’ll talk about what we like about them, what we dislike about them and just general information like runtime etc. I know all too well what it’s like to look at a store webpage or shelf and think; “What should the next game I buy be?” Well, I’m here to hopefully make that decision a little easier.

If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to have me review let me know in the comments below and I’ll see about writing something up for it! I’m going to try and aim to have a new review up ever few weeks or so.

Review up next: Smash Up!