Benjamin Galea

Game Designer and Developer


Hello 2017!

Hey Everyone!

I'm back again for the first blog of 2017! I thought I would start of with a post about my New Years Resolution. My resolution for the year is to work on my career, save some money and work towards traveling overseas in 2018.

I've always wanted to continuously better myself and push myself to new limits and I want to spend 2017 working towards something bigger. It's always been a dream of mine to travel and live overseas for work, and I feel as thought I can use 2017 to try and achieve that goal.

I'm beginning the year with some contract work with Riot Games as a Player Coordinator. It's something a little different to what I have previously done, I'll be working closely with the eSports department. It should be a great experience and I'm really looking forward to it.

Over the past month or so I've also been working with a friend on our very own unique card game! I really love it and think it has great potential to do well. So if we can see its completion by early/mid 2017 and then work on trying to find a publisher and release it by late 2017 that would be amazing!

Intuitive Game Studios' Malice should also release this year and it will mark the end of a 3 year long development cycle!

So here's to hoping I'll have 2 released games under my belt and 4 years experience in video game industry in the fields of; game design, admin support and eSports.