About Me



I've worked various jobs in the gaming industry as a Game Designer, esports coordinator, player coordinator, administration support as well as in IT. I'm currently based in Sydney, Australia and working with Riot Games on the OPL (Oceanic Pro League) however I have worked in smaller indie studios with 4 or 5 people to larger AAA studios such as Riot Games and Rockstar Games across multiple studios worldwide. I've also completed an Advanced Diploma in Game Design and Production at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. I'm a versatile worker who will take on any role with enthusiasm and produce the highest quality work I can. I have a strong seek and solve mentality and am always looking to solve problems and provide the best gameplay and player experience.

My Career as a Game Designer...

I've worked as a game designer at Sydney based game studio 'Video Game Deluxe' in cooperation with Rockstar Games on LA  Noire VR: Case Files. I was part of a multi-disciplinary team with professionals across the globe developing ground-breaking content. My daily tasks included; bug fixing, QA as well as mechanic design and implementation.

I was a Junior Game Design at Intuitive Game Studios, a startup studio which was just beginning and working on their first title, Malice. As a Junior Designer I worked on the prototype, implementation and development of gameplay mechanics as well as managing and working with a small team of 4-5 people. I also did some QA and well as managed some QA testers.

I also work on my own personal projects in my spare time. Currently I focus very heavily on card and board games. I'm the designer of Loot Hoarder, an original card game developed by me and another game designer, Mitchell Lee where players assume the role of adventures all out to gain the most loot!

I Interned for a little...

After my first year of Uni (and having decided that I would take a 1 year break), I searched for animation studios as well as game studios for part time work, paid or unpaid. I saw the break from uni as an opportunity to develop my skills and seek out new opportunities. I was offered an intern position at Tui Studios, a small start-up animation studio. With Tui being a very small studio I was able to work closely with the team members on storyboard timing and lighting, modeling and other small tasks. I then found my way into game design and worked with a senior programmer developing a custom game engine for a small game project at Tui.

Initial study: Macquarie University

After my school graduation in 2011 I jumped straight into Uni applying for a Bachelor of IT: Major in Game Development and Production at Macquarie University. I enrolled into my subjects and I think like most first year students didn't take it completely seriously and was also struggling with some aspects of the course. After the first year I had a serious thought as to whether University was really the right choice for me and after some time, I decided it wasn't and put Uni on hold. After finding my internship and working in games, I deceided that I would quit uni and persue my passion and career in gaming.

My time at Riot Games Oceania...

I am currently working at Riot Games as an esports coordinator. As part of the Oceanic team, I communicate with organisations as well as pro players and organise any logistical components of the OPL. I also assist on game days with any IT support required.

At Riot Games, I've worked in the role of administration support as a cover position for six weeks. I had a variety of daily and weekly tasks and also participated in some small projects such as; The League of Legends university finals and a 2 day training program; Support or Feed.

Later called back for additional work I did IT and administration support where I assisted the Oceanic team in any administration and IT requirements in the lead up to the OPL 2016 finals. I built, prepared and tested various stage PC's as well as provided on site support for the OPL Semi-Finals. I then worked on the 2016 League of Legends OPL finals live event in Brisbane assisting with the setup and support of the Greenrooms for the pro-players, setup of stage equipment, play-testing and refereeing.

I later applied in esports and was offered a player coordinator role where I was responsible for the setup and preparation of the office for game days at the Riot Sydney office, coordinate player movement around the Riot office as well as act as a means of communication between the pro players and Riot.

Completed study: AIE...

While pursuing my career in the gaming industry I knew I wanted to expand on my education and this led me to looking into specialised colleges that offered degrees in game design, game art and game programming. I found the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) and decided that was right for me. I applied and was accepted for the Game Design and Production course. 2 years later I graduated in 2015!

My early career in IT...

While at Uni I looked for a part time job and I applied for a job in IT support for a medium sized computer company called CSTech. I worked as a Systems and Network Trainee Technician doing desktop and point of sale support major clients such as all Anytime Fitness gyms Australia wide and Industrie Clothing stores Australia wide. I began work doing base level desktop and server support. I later worked as one of the 6 support staff for Anytime Fitness Australia as well as Industrie clothing. I learned much while I was working in IT however it was not where my passion lied.